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Key Role of Health Care Professional - MEDPro, LLC as a Resource

The role of the healthcare professionals is changing. For many patients, the Healthcare Professionals role has to go beyond diagnosing and treating. They have to be aware of patients' financial and insurance status. Helping patients get access, to the prescription drugs they need can be a complicated and frustrating endeavor. This can be even harder when an individual is uninsured and carry the complete burden of prescription costs.

Like most healthcare professionals that we work with, you recognize the needs of your uninsured patients and are happy to do whatever you can to help them receive assistance. However, we understand that having adequate staffing and expertise to work closely with your patients and manage their Patient Assistance Program can become a large administrative burden. Physicians and medical clinics spend an average of 191 hours per-month assisting patients in finding free or low cost prescriptions, a service that is not reimbursable to the provider.


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These services are free to your medical practices and provide an efficient resource to you and your staff.

Our services will be helpful to both you and your patients that are uninsured or have special medical circumstance that struggle with the application process of the Prescription Assistance Programs. You can be assured when we receive referrals from healthcare professionals, that the patient will receive the highest level of service. Their special needs will be handled in a caring manner and keep confidential. MEDPro adheres to strict privacy policies. The patient's information is used only for obtaining medications thru the Patient Assistance Programs.

Patient Access & Education

We start by educating the patient about what options they have available to them. When the patient uses our administrative service to apply for the Prescription Assistance Programs, we submit separate applications for each medication, will submit new applications after a set period of time or dosage change, and keep up to date on application requirements. In addition, we do the prescription refills when it is time to reapply for the programs and guide the individual through the process such as what is required for documentation.

At MEDPro we feel we have a unique approach to providing administrative services for your patients. We have caring professionals who have themselves seen the crisis and the struggles patients undergo when they are uninsured and helping them get relief with the assistance of the Prescription Programs.

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