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“MEDPro provides prescription assistance services to individuals and families in need of relief from paying retail costs for medications. Many individuals and families without prescription coverage I limited prescription coverage or having a medical hardship, have difficulty paying for their medications and don't know where to get help. Prescription Assistance Programs alone cannot solve all the problems facing the uninsured or underinsured but it can help ease the financial burden many face with the high cost of prescription medications."

February 2008

This letter is intended to serve as a recommendation for MEDPro.

My background is in the healthcare field. I was a nurse for over 30 years. I was familiar with the Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs as I had applied for the programs myself, but had been denied after submitting the applications.

My drug costs were $3,234.00 for 10 medications when I contacted MEDPro. Due to my medical condition and limited resources, I was relying on my family to help me pay for my medications. Their willingness to listen to my situation and do the appeals process was much appreciated.

By using MEDPro's administration service, I now receive eight out of my ten medications through the pharmaceutical programs. My monthly drug costs are now $224.00 per month, a savings of $3,010.00 per month.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my four children. Your service is excellent, prompt, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend MEDPro's Prescription Services to anyone in need of help paying for their prescriptions.


Jeran, RN, MS


Martin had been working in a factory that offered health insurance with prescription drug coverage. When the factory shut down not only did he lose his job, we lost our health and prescription drug coverage. Our medications were going to cost $2000.00 a month.

We had been looking for ways to save money on the prescriptions; when we found MEDPro's Professional Medication Access Service!

MEDPro was able to find a program to receive our medications, we were able to reduce our prescription cost to $120.00.

We wish everyone who needed help getting their medicines knew about this great service. We are grateful for all the assistance we have received.

Martin and Donna

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