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PAP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is MEDPro, LLC?
A: MEDPro, LLC is a nationwide Patient Assistance advocacy service that assists qualified patients access Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs). PAPs are developed by the drug companies. Each individual drug company maintains their own qualifications, forms, processes for refills and re-qualifying rules that must be adhered to in order to access their programs. Though patients may access these programs independently, due to the compliances and complexities, many patients prefer to use the MEDPro service than attempting this on their own.

Q: How do I apply for this prescription assistance program?
A: You can apply online at www.Medprollc.com or you can call 1-866-753-9988 ext #3.

Q: Who is eligible for this program?
A: This program is intended for citizens who are struggling to pay for the high cost of brand name prescription medications. who are under-insured, uninsured, and low income. Click here for the income eligibility guidelines.

Q. How do I determine my Number of People in Household and Income for Household?
A: Generally this is determined by tax guidelines. If someone is claimed as a dependent for tax purposes, they should be included. If you are living with a relative or friend but filing your own taxes, you should not include your relative's or friend's information.

Q. Do I have to be a US resident to access these programs?
A: Yes, most drug manufacturers require US residency to qualify.

Q: Will I still qualify if I am in the Medicare “Donut Hole" or "Coverage Gap"?
A: We take applications for patients needing assistance during the "Donut Hole" and will make a determination at time of your evaluation. Most drug companies do help patients in the coverage gap.

Q: Is this coverage considered health insurance?
A: No. This program is not an insurance product and is not affiliated with any Medicare, state, or governmental programs.

Q: What are the medication limits of this program?
A: Our prescription assistance service offers an unlimited number of medications as long as there is a qualified program for your specific prescription need.

Q. Where will my medications be delivered?
A: Each drug company determines where their medications can be shipped. Typically, to the healthcare provider or to the patient.

Q. What if I only need temporary assistance for my prescriptions drugs?
A: In this day and age, special circumstances may cause you to need assistance on a temporary basis such as unemployment. We encourage you to complete our online evaluation application to see if you qualify. You will not be charged for this evaluation.   

Q. If I am enrolled in Medicare Part D could I still qualify for this plan?
A: Yes. This includes Medicare Part D plan, Medicare Part D Gap ("Donut Hole") and Medicare Advantage Programs. Through your initial evaluation, it will be determined if you may still qualify for this program.  

Q. Can this program help with the high cost of my diabetic supplies?
A: Our program can assist you with the cost of insulin medications.

Q. What if I have prescription insurance and still cannot afford my medication?
A: If your insurance company has denied paying for your brand name prescription email us your specific questions at info@medprollc.com to see if we can help. If we cannot help you, you will not be charged. Several major drug companies offer assistance to patients who meet income guidelines irregardless of insurance status.

Q. If I have a discount drug card or a prescription card through my pharmacy will I be eligible?
A: Yes. Use your discount or pharmacy card where it is beneficial and use our program for brand name medications to save you the most money.

Q. How does the refill process work?
A. As part of the MEDPro, LLC service, refills are processed automatically in coordination between MEDPro, LLC and the HCP (healthcare provider).

Q: When do I become qualified?
A: Each drug company has their own approval process which affects the approval times. In the event you are denied coverage call your Personal Advocate immediately and we will help with an appeal at no additional cost to you. If you do not qualify and we cannot save you money, we will refund your initial deposit. See our refund policy.

Q. How do I requalify for these programs?
A: Most drug companies approve a patient for twelve months and will require the patient to reapply at the end of that period.  Some drug companies mandate re-qualification on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. MEDPro, LLC will notify you when this qualifying event is due!

Q: What if my medication changes?
A: Contact MEDPro, LLC any time there are changes to your medications to include your doctor’s prescribed modifications to the dosage or frequency. This allows us to make the appropriate changes for future refills at no additional cost to you. If your address or the address of your healthcare provider changes, please notify MEDPro, LLC immediately.

Q. Who should I contact if my question is not answered below?
A: We welcome your questions. Please detail your question in an email to:   
info@medprollc.com or call us toll free at: 1-866-753-9988 ext. 3



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