Prescription Assistance Program

woman doctor holding pillsAt MEDPro, LLC, our primary purpose is to provide people with solutions to the rising cost of prescription medications by providing them with affordable access.  Throughout this past decade, MEDPro, LLC has developed a full-service Prescription Advocacy Service. Each division is designed to accommodate the patient based on their prescription needs. This comprehensive approach provides an expanse of resources to individuals and families without prescription coverage, limited prescription access or those experiencing medical hardship. These services are also available to some with prescription drug coverage, Medicare D, or Medicare Rx advantage plans.

MEDPro, LLC realizes, when taken as prescribed, prescription medication improves lives and decreases overall healthcare spending. At MEDPro, LLC, our caring professionals guide patients through the prescription access maze to obtain the medications needed for optimizing health and wellness.  Prescription Assistance Programs provide patients with these resources.

“What truly differentiates our program and administration from other service providers is the fact that we have the technology, the people and the entire array of services necessary to support a patient’s medication needs. The company has acquired the most comprehensive database and understanding of Pharmaceutical Programs. This allows us to provide an efficient service and streamline the application process."

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